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10/05/18 - Industry
Product approval
HyperMed Imaging has received approval to apply the CE Mark for the HyperView medical imaging system allowing distribution of the product in Europe. HyperView is also currently distributed in the US...
04/08/17 - Policy
ACP Venous Registry update
The American College of Phlebology (ACP) has provided an update on its PRO Venous Registry, which now contains more than 19,000 unique patients and 77,000 patient records from 99 physicians in 90...
09/08/17 - Industry
Product enhancements
Acelity has announced that two significant enhancements to the VAC Ulta Therapy System are now available in the US. The VAC Ulta Therapy System, Acelity’s latest generation negative pressure wound...
04/08/17 - Research
Chronic venous insufficiency
The utilization of procedures to treat chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) in the Medicare population increased markedly from 2005 through 2014, according to a study by the Harvey L Neiman Health...
09/08/17 - Industry
Product launch
Acelity has announced the global launch of the VAC Veraflo Cleanse Choice Dressing, providing clinicians with a novel, adjunctive non-surgical option that may help clean large complex wounds when...
10/05/18 - Research
May-Thurner Syndrome
May-Thurner Syndrome (MTS) - sometimes inaccurately used in the literature to describe iliac vein compression - is more common in women with a ratio of at least 2:1 compared with men, according to a...
25/05/18 - Research
Venous leg ulcers
Early endovenous ablation of superficial venous reflux as an adjunct to compression therapy is associated with a shorter time to healing of venous leg ulcers than compression therapy alone, according...
10/05/18 - Policy
SIR position statement on CDT
The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) has issued a position statement on catheter-directed therapy (CDT) for acute pulmonary embolism (PE), which stats that the society deems the use of CDT...
10/05/18 - Research
Leg ulcer guidance
The Royal Society of Medicine’s Venous Forum (UK) has issued a guidance document for the ‘Management of patients with Leg Ulcers, to ensure that all patients with leg ulceration are offered the most...

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